An Alliance For The Excellence In The Composite Engineering


From plan to a specific item. We take an interest in the whole composite esteem chain


We have the best devices and experts to transform your thought into a possible undertaking. Quality is our image personality.

Go to Tooling and Molding TOOLING AND Molding

We create tooling and shape for tars infusion in a wide range of ventures, for example, aviation, car and others requiring elite materials.

Go to Parts fabricating PARTS MANUFACTURING.

At our offices have distinctive procedures, for example, RTM, VARTM, RTM Light, VARI, Closed Cavity Bag Molding, Press, prepregs…

Go to Validation, test and industrialization VALIDATION, TEST and INDUSTRIALIZATION

We offer a wide range of administrations to our clients to guarantee the ideal nature of its parts and homologation. We have a mechanical research facility secured by Germanischer Lloyd (GL) to perform malleably, pressure, shear, interlaminar shear (ILSS) and bowing preliminaries.


Preparing our staff and clients is one of our most certain responsibilities. The most qualified staff accomplish better outcomes.

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Our supervisors and specialists search for the best open doors for financing R&D and play out all sort of advancements for our image and clients.…