About Us

Since 2012 PJindustrial has been a United States based organization achieving all volume assembling, plan, and prototyping programs in-house. This enables us to deliver the most significant amount of security, quality, and secrecy for the duration of the life of our ventures. The final product being finished fulfillment of our customers, and a protected working environment for our representatives.

Current PJindustrial

Right now in a custom 34,000 sq. Ft office in Nixon Avenue, Knoxville we can suit our extending business. Work out for more than 31 committed representatives; PJindustrial has been as fruitful as ever. Inside our new customs office we intend to grow in every aspect of assembling and are available to new undertakings and applications inside any industry.

Exclusive Development

PJindustrial is reliably taking an interest in various exclusive improvement ventures requiring secure and private conditions. Our plan and assembling are completed 100% in-house at our Nixon Avenue, Knoxville office. We take pride in our capacities and strive to keep our industry insider facts, and also yours, sheltered and secret.

Future Expansion

PJindustrial’s new customs office worked in 2015 takes into account future development and growing abilities. We as of now have 12,000 sq. Ft. open and accessible for further assembling. Our grounds are situated on 13 sections of land in Nixon Avenue, Knoxville and can extend in a brief span edge to deal with any development limit needs.